Kale Design and
Art Center

A common place for learning and co-creating for art and design students, new graduates and professionals

Kale Group’s Dr. (h.c.) Ibrahim Bodur Kaleseramik Education, Health and Social Welfare Foundation laid the foundations of the Kale Design and Art Centre (KTSM) project in 2018 with financial support from the Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA). Transforming Kale Group’s original headquarters located in Karaköy into KTSM, the centre organises workshops, talks, exhibitions and various other events to become a hub for relevant actors to meet and create together while contributing to Istanbul’s appeal owed to the creative industries. Building on its location and know-how, KTSM aims to make Istanbul a brand for creative industries and contribute to strengthening its current infrastructure.

Spread across 500 square metres in a 5-storey building, KTSM provides a space for students and newly graduated young professionals to learn from one another and create together. At KTSM, each storey is designed as a separate learning and creation area. The centre offers a range of workshops on design and art as well as various talks and presentations.