Çanakkale on My Mind

Contributing to Çanakkale’s liveability and sustainability

Kale Group launched Çanakkale on My Mind in 2017 in collaboration with the Turkish Informatics Foundations (TBV) and the Novusens Smart City Institute, as the implementing partner, with a view to contributing to the liveability and sustainability of its homeland Çanakkale through technology to enhance its competitiveness on a national and global scale.

Spearheading the project on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, Kale Group aims to support Çanakkale’s transformation journey towards a smart city. Çanakkale is located right at the heart of the axis between Istanbul and Izmir, dubbed the golden circle.

In today’s world where large-scale demographic shifts make smart growth imperative for cities, it is crucial to use limited resources efficiently starting now and create smart growth strategies for the future of cities. Taking action to add value to the lands where it was born and support Çanakkale’s growth towards a smart city, Kale Group aims to promote its homeland through Çanakkale on My Mind.

To name one of the project’s contributions to date, Çanakkale on My Mind received a grant under the Turkey-EU Town Twinning Project ‘Partnership for Future of Smart Cities’ together with Tarragona in Spain.

In 2019, the Çanakkale on My Mind project received the Best Social Responsibility Project Award at the Sign of the City Awards, an award programme that recognises Turkey’s most prestigious real estate projects.