Kale Transportation

Transporting our products across the world

Founded in 1974 with a view to meeting the growing logistics needs of Kale Group companies, primarily Kaleseramik, Kale Nakliyat (logistics) has grown over time to serve a wide range of companies operating in diverse industries. 

Today, Kale Nakliyat provides logistics and transportation services with its fleet of 300 land vehicles, 65 freight cars, two dry cargo vessels and RORO ship. Located in 20 service points, Kale Nakliyat has an annual carriage capacity of three million tons. Kale Nakliyat also offers indoor and outdoor storage facilities for various product groups on a total area of 72,500 square metres.

Introducing its Quality Management System in 2019, Kale Nakliyat delivers competitive and innovative logistics services to its customers to add value to supply chains.

Head Office
Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Demirci Sokak No:2 Çan - Çanakkale
0 (286) 416 19 00
0 (286) 416 43 27