Turkey’s leading building chemicals company

Joining the construction industry with the production of ceramics, Kale Group founded Kalekim in 1973 to produce ceramic adhesives and grouts. In 2003 Kalekim merged with Kaleterasit, formed in 1968 to produce plasters and paints, and launched its line of interior and exterior paints as well as decorative pre-coloured plasters. Following the expansion of the insulation market in Turkey, Kalekim entered this sector in 2004.

Kalekim has eight factories operating in Turkey located in Istanbul, Isparta, Mersin, Yozgat, Erzurum, Mardin, and Balıkesir. Kalekim offers a range of more than 250 products and has an annual production capacity of 800,000 tons for ceramic adhesives, grouts, water and thermal insulators, sealants, foams, ceramic cleaning and maintenance agents, and industrial floor and surface preparation materials. Additionally, Kalekim produces interior and exterior paints and decorative exterior plasters under the brand name Bi’Boya which has a production capacity of 100,000 tons.

Owing to its investments in production technologies and R&D, Kalekim produces world-class products that are exported to 70 countries. With local production approach, Kalekim uses raw materials available in the regions where it operates. All Kalekim products comply with the European Quality Standards and maintain their quality for years both during and after application.