Kale Atölye

We support women's labor and initiatives with Atölye Kale.

The Atölye Kale brand is launched with the aim of strongly supporting women's labor, as well as increasing the number of women entrepreneurs who are pioneers in the economy. Under the umbrella of this brand, in addition to brands such as Designmixer, Homemade Aromaterapi and Masuma Ceramics whose founders are women, there are kitchen and bathroom line of products produced by women in our ceramic workshop in Çan.

At the same time, Atölye Kale also contributes to the education of girls our future. In this context, 10 percent of the income of each product sold through Atölye Kale is donated to the Kaleseramik Foundation with the aim of supporting the education of female students. With this project, while giving the value they deserve to the efforts of today's strong women, we also aim to contribute to the training of tomorrow's strong women.